About the Workshop

The Credo Foundation will organise a 6-day workshop for people interested in providing  personal assistance to blind people. The workshop is intended to be enjoyable and fulfilling for participants and will use creative and innovative methods to ensure its success and the enjoyment of participants.

Title of the Workshop: A Joy of Being Active. How to be an Assistant to Blind People in a Multicultural Context.

Workshop dates: 17 to 22 June 2013
Arrivals: 16 June 2013         Departures: 23 June 2013
The arrival day is free from any teaching sessions. In the evening there is going to be an opening dinner with a special guest.

Target group:
Adults over 50 years of age (50+), including people with Asperger’s syndrome (autism spectrum conditions). Workshop participants should have the following characteristics:
- Involved or interested in voluntary work in their local communities
- Contact with blind people
- Openness to disability issues and interest in assisting blind people
- Interest in activities which promote integration

Practical arrangements (including detailed information on the accommodation)
The workshop will comprise practical sessions on providing assistance to blind and visually impaired people in their life activities, as well as lectures and presentations,  including films with audio-description and a music evening. Participants will also work in pairs. Workshop activities will take place in well-equipped lecture halls, a cinema and a swimming pool, as well as in the open air both in the city and on a mountain bath. We will ensure the highest quality of the workshop through the use of lecturers and trainers who are very highly qualified, experienced and respected in their fields. Blind people from Poland will contribute to the practical exercises, including guiding blind people, Nordic walking and swimming, and will demonstrate different techniques.